The Process of Hair Transplants is Painless

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Diksha Malhotra‘s insight:

Now HairTransplants are becoming very popular and common procedure for bald or balding men. To perform Hair Transplant, surgeons need to take hair follicles from one site (donor site) and transplant them to another site (Recipient Site), which is most cases in the scalp. Commonly process begins with the surgeon harvesting a strip of hair, removing extra fatty tissue from around the follicles to make them viable. The surgeon lightly holes the recipient site and inserts the hair follicles in the hole, making sure the angle and position of hair follicles is correct, so that the transplant looks as natural as possible.

Most of the patients are comfortless during their first injection, but using the FUT, FUEand other latest and advanced technology we try and make it easy and all other steps simpler and almost painless for the patients.

After The Hair transplant, transplanted hair will grow naturally. The one most common issue that prevents people from getting hair transplants is the pricing. Before you decide for this procedure, u must be consult with the surgeon about the cost and fully process. Now In India this process can become completely accessible for those people who think about Hair Transplant.

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